How to Install Blueman Bluetooth Manager on Ubuntu?

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This tutorial will show you how to setup Bluetooth and Blueman Bluetooth manager on Ubuntu.

Peripherals like mouse, keyboard, headsets, speakers etc. nowadays use Bluetooth feature to provide a wireless experience.

If you want to connect these devices to your Ubuntu system, then you’ll need to set up Bluetooth and a Bluetooth manager. The newer versions of Ubuntu already have Bluetooth set up. So, the only thing you’ll need is a Bluetooth manager that can help you to use the Bluetooth feature efficiently.

Blueman can help you to:

  • Connect to the network via dial-up.
  • Connect to audio devices.
  • Send / Receive files via OBEX.
  • Connect to / Create Bluetooth networks.
  • Connect to input devices.
  • Pair with devices.

Pre-requisites to install Blueman on Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu Installed and Running.
  • Active Internet Connection to download Blueman.
  • Sudo Privileges.
  • Inbuilt or External Bluetooth Adapter.

(You can check my Bluetooth adapters for Linux post, if you need help finding a Linux compatible Bluetooth adapter.)

How to Install Bluez on Ubuntu?

If Bluetooth is not already set up on your system, then first install BlueZ.

BlueZ is the official Linux Bluetooth stack that provides support for the core Bluetooth layers and protocols. It also contains the driver stack for Bluetooth adapters as well as utilities for the CLI administration of Bluetooth.

You can read more about blueZ and its features on BlueZ upstream homepage.

Before installing BlueZ, it’s recommended to update the software repositories.

sudo apt update

Now, install BlueZ using the command:

sudo apt install bluez bluez-tools

Once BlueZ is installed you can proceed with the installation of Blueman.

How to Install Blueman on Ubuntu?       

You can install Blueman on Ubuntu by two methods:

  • Using the Ubuntu Software Center (Graphical method)
  • Using terminal

First, let’s see the graphical method.

Install Blueman on Ubuntu graphically

Blueman is available in the Ubuntu software center.

1. Start the Ubuntu Software center.

2. Search for Blueman. Click on the “Blueman Bluetooth Manager” result.

Search for Blueman in Ubuntu Software Center
Search for Blueman

3. Click on Install and provide authentication to install Blueman.

Install Blueman from Ubuntu Software center
Click on Install

4. Once installation is finished, you’ll see the option to remove.

5. Start Blueman via the applications menu.

Start Blueman Graphically
Start Blueman Graphically

Install Blueman on Ubuntu via terminal

Blueman is available in the Ubuntu Universe repository so you can install it easily using the apt command.

To install Blueman on Ubuntu run:

sudo apt install blueman

Once installation is finished, you can start Blueman using the command:

Blueman About Info
Blueman About Info

Note: The above command will only execute if you have a Bluetooth dongle connected to your Ubuntu system. So, connect it before running the “bluetooth manager” command.

Enabling Bluetooth

On Linux Distros like Ubuntu, Bluetooth is already set up. You can check that by running the following command in terminal:

sudo systemctl status bluetooth.service

If it’s running, then no need to follow the below steps, you can go ahead with connecting Bluetooth devices.

Check status of Bluetooth Service
Check status of Bluetooth Service

If it is not running, then follow these steps:

Run the following command, if you are using a Bluetooth dongle:

modprobe btusb

To start the Bluetooth service, run this command:

sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service

To make it persistent after reboot, use this command:

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service

Finally, check the status of Bluetooth service using:

sudo systemctl status bluetooth.service

Now, it should be running.

Connect Bluetooth Devices

Connecting to a Bluetooth device using Blueman is very intuitive.

Just make sure the devices are discoverable and in range, then it will show in the Blueman dashboard from where you can easily connect to the devices.

Connecting Phone to Ubuntu using Blueman
Connect Bluetooth Device using Blueman


I hope this tutorial helped you to set up Bluetooth and Blueman on Ubuntu without any problems.

Now, you can easily connect any Bluetooth device like headphones or speakers to your Ubuntu System. There are many great Bluetooth peripherals like headsets, speakers and webcams available on Amazon.

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